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Radio IP Software delivers innovative mobile virtual private network (MVPN) solutions that provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks.



As agency and corporate employees become increasingly accustomed to using mobile devices and applications, IT departments now need to manage larger remote fleets. However, the management has grown more complex while the usage of mobile device management (MDM) has intensified.


As effective as MDM practices can be, they are not designed to secure your data over the air. Once a device within the fleet is compromised, not many MDM solutions can do anything to prevent any further damage apart from shutting down that device’s network connection. In other words, MDM helps in gaining visibility and streamlines IT control across the fleet, but is lacking in terms of data protection.


In order to take full advantage of their mobile fleets, organizations need to make sure they properly understand and secure their MDM practices in order to make them as efficient as possible.

That’s where Radio-IP comes in with its software-based cybersecurity solutions, which not only provide sleek and easy access to network and application performance, but also adds multiple layers of protection to end users across an entire organization’s fleet.

Protect your Network

Among its range of solutions, Radio-IP’s Armada (for iOS and Android devices) and Mult-IP (for Windows devices) VPN solutions provide end users with real-time connection across a secure network.

With ease of integration and deployment through MDM practices, Radio-IP’s software creates a 2-way encrypted tunnel between your network’s gateway and every connected device, allowing for secured and optimized data traffic. This grants any organization the ability to enforce specific security policies for each device, without slowing down data traffic within the network.

Additionally, as our secure connection allows for session persistence, preventing any remote workers from being hindered during their daily tasks, this lets them use simultaneously multiple mission-critical applications without any worry of being booted out at critical moments.

Analyze and Optimize your Network

Protecting your network data is important, but what if you could use this knowledge to your advantage? By seamlessly connecting itself to Armada and Mult-IPs’ reporting engine, Radio-IP’s Synopsis provides an easy real-time access and understanding of your network usage as well as application performance for each device from anywhere, at any time, regardless of which organizational group or subnet they belong to.

This network understanding stems from details provided through a comprehensive view of your network’s activity, whether from Real Time Monitoring, Alerting, Signal Strength, GPS Tracking and Mapping, including z axis localization to have a better understanding of where each of your team members are located, especially in multifloored buildings. This ultimately allows for more effective management through the usage of real-time secure data.

Add what’s missing: Manage your Network

The knowledge gained from this data utilization allows you to identify which mobile units or applications are heavy network users, it also gives you all the information required to make all the necessary adjustments accordingly and make the best out of your network’s performance.

Simply adding Synopsis allows you to easily take advantage of Radio-IP’s VPN solutions without disturbing the end-user’s experience, making IT tasks much more straightforward while maintaining remote employees’ productivity.

This effective management is also bolstered by Radio-IP’s team, which provides 24/7 “Best-in-Class” support to all its partners/customers, making sure that every device functions securely and effectively.

In other words, constantly feeding information on the position and relative state of every device allows for an easier understanding of your network. In the end, this provides IT departments with more options for additional fleet management through the usage of your data.


Radio-IP’s solutions not only guarantee an effective understanding of your network’s performance, but also provide the necessary data security to appropriately manage and protect every device in your fleet.

Curious to learn more? Contact our team at  to get started on protecting your network effectively.

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