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Radio IP Software delivers innovative mobile virtual private network (MVPN) solutions that provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks.


Multiple Networks. Multiple Applications. One Mobile VPN

Mult-IP is a FirstNet ready & highly secure mobile VPN software solution developed
to address the exacting needs of mission critical communications.

An ideal mobile VPN solution for public safety, utilities, emergency response, or other mobile workforces, Mult-IP covers an extended geographical footprint not always serviced by a single network. Developed using Radio IP’s patented concurrent networks technology, Mult-IP enables management of multiple, independent networks simultaneously within one mobile VPN, assuring secure uninterrupted connectivity for various mobile workforces — regardless of their location — while exceeding data protection regulations.

Unique Networking Capabilities

The industry’s only network agnostic mobile VPN solution with simultaneous support for all wireless network technologies, including Narrowband networks (P25, Tetra, etc…), Broadband Networks (Cellular, Wi-Fi, and LTE), and satellite networks.

Patented concurrent networks technology provides the ability to parse a single mobile VPN tunnel into multiple virtual routes through the use of intelligent roaming profiles, which define the priority sequence of wireless network paths to be used to establish a connection. Unique software intelligence constantly monitors network availability to ensure the roaming profile is always using the highest priority network path available for that virtual route, managing changes in networks coverage without impacting connection status.

Increase ROI

Multi-agency support capabilities enable IT administrators from multiple agencies to share one Mult-IP system by creating unique client groups and associated policies tailored to their distinct needs and budget. Administrators control access to their associated data via permission-based access rights. This intelligent partitioning of resources empowers each agency to configure which network will carry specific application data based on priority, operational parameters, and/or authentication requirements — independent of other groups within a single agency and across other agencies.

Advanced security measures deliver seamless and persistent device and user security even when roaming over disparate networks while remaining flexible enough to allow agencies to adjust their security programs according to their needs, budgets and resources. Single sign-on process and best-in-class encryption simplify user authentication while preventing security breaches.

Sophisticated application steering capabilities allow IT administrators to easily assign applications to virtual routes using filters. Virtual routes can be defined to address specific application needs (video streaming, FTP, CAD, etc.) based on a mix of network characteristics, interoperability and performance.

Secured Disaster Recovery Feature enables continuous synchronization between sites applying the right security policies to the mobile users/groups. The Mult-IP Disaster Recovery is a reliable mechanism that provides a seamless wireless continuation of the mobile devices to a backup site in the event of a disaster.

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