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VPN vs. Mobile VPN: Which Is Best for My Security

Reducing one’s digital footprint is increasingly becoming a focus for many people these days. It feels like everywhere you go on the web, you’re being followed and watched.

VPN technology has risen to meet this demand for privacy and security in the past couple of years, with security being the first concern and access to content being the second. With a VPN solution already installed on your desktop, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to have one on your mobile device as well.

To answer that question, here’s everything you need to know about the mobile VPN (mVPN).

The Basics of VPN

Starting with the basics is essential so that it’s easier to understand how it works on mobile.

VPN stands for virtual private network, and it’s designed to grant the user more secure remote network access. It does this by creating a private network from a public internet connection and masking your IP address to make you virtually untraceable online. These are commonly used by companies, businesses, and individuals to gain secure access to specific networks for several reasons.

Although the most pressing reason for using a VPN is ensuring one’s security and privacy on the internet, people also use such solutions to gain access to content and make purchases. Masking their network’s geographical location to pretend like they’re in another country can give them access to movie streaming sites or online shops with local discounts.

If configured and used properly, traditional VPNs offer a high level of security since they use encryption and authentication to secure data to and from devices and prevent unauthorized users from accessing secure networks. While these can carry out their functions for fixed remote access, they aren’t configured for wireless and mobile devices due to coverage gaps, roaming between networks, bandwidth, and other reasons.

Using A Mobile VPN

Mobile private networks are very similar to traditional wired VPNs, but they are configured and optimized for mobile and wireless devices. However, a major difference with an mVPN is you’re constantly changing the points of network attachment—so the VPN technology has to keep up by switching across access technologies and multiple public and private networks.

This technology is perfect for those who switch networks throughout the day, particularly in public spaces, where several unprotected network connections may be harmful to the user. It is also ideal for those who need to stop and restart their devices or are faced with gaps in coverage.

Features of Mobile VPNs

  • Compatible with all applications with no need for modifications
  • Roaming between wireless networks
  • Persistence. This allows applications to keep running and remain where they left off even with an interrupted wireless connection.
  • Encrypted data for security
  • Two-factor or multifactor authentication through biometrics, password, or one-time pin

Conventional and Mobile VPN: Which Should I Choose?

If you’re stationary and need access remotely from a fixed location, conventional VPNs are perfect for you. If you need security on your mobile devices while staying connected to different networks, investing in a mobile VPN is the best choice.

When it comes to choosing between VPN or mVPN, it will depend on how you determine where security is needed the most. It would be practical for good measure to buy a VPN package that has both mobile and desktop configurations.


Your security online shouldn’t just be limited to your laptop or your desktop. With its prevalence in modern society, you need it for the device in the palm of your hand more than ever!

A VPN is a simple but powerful way for people to keep their anonymity online and to keep themselves away from threats, regardless of where they are. At the end of the day, it’s no longer a question of if you should get that protection for yourself, but more a question of from whom you should get it from!

Are you looking for mobile VPN solutions to bolster your security? Here at Radio IP Software, we specialize in delivering secure mobile VPN solutions to small and large businesses, including the transportation industry, government agencies, military, and public safety. To know more about how mobile VPN can work for you or your business, explore our different software solutions on our website today!

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