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Radio IP Software delivers innovative mobile virtual private network (MVPN) solutions that provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks.


Why You Should Use a VPN on Your Mobile Device

Smartphones have made it possible for anyone to access anything without having to be attached to a landline. They give you directions, help you through online transactions, and help you communicate much faster. As great and convenient as mobile devices are, there are some pitfalls to the heavy reliance on them. None of your personal information is private anymore, your location is always saved somewhere, and someone can easily be listening or reading your conversation.

Enter MVPN.

Mobile Virtual Private Networks or MVPN is security software that you pay a monthly subscription for to keep all your information private and making you undetectable online for online hackers to get into your system.

Why Invest in a VPN for Your Mobile Device

It’s Easy to Gain Access to Your Phone

More than 48 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone. The majority of them are like you, normal people with normal jobs. A small portion is skilled hackers that, when given the opportunity, take personal bank account numbers or sell your private browsing information to advertisers to gain full control over your ad algorithm. The following are the top two factors that VPNs address for mobile devices.


Websites and your internet service provider gain access to your IP address. It can make someone fear for their safety at times knowing that someone has direct access to your information. When you have a VPN on your computer, you become almost invisible when you go online. This technology prevents these things from happening by confusing the system. The same principle applies to a mobile VPN.


Even with the incognito mode, your online activity information is still accessible to the ISP. And with transferring files and sensitive information through online platforms being a common practice, it does feel like there is no privacy to do so.

MVPNs make sure that going incognito is more than just preventing your searches from showing up on the screen. It allows you to interact without being monitored.

MVPNs Make Internet More Accessible

Gain Access to Restricted Content

One of the many perks that make VPNs so in-demand is that it grants access to information and content that may be restricted to your country but is fully accessible elsewhere. With a VPN, you don’t have to wonder about what’s allowed elsewhere. You can just put it in and find out for yourself!

When you’re using your phone with a VPN, you can open up the Netflix app and scroll through the many libraries of Netflix movies available elsewhere. It also works for any other streaming site that’s available worldwide, and its use is not limited to streaming apps. Other websites can give you access to whatever piece of content you’re concerned about.

Download Safely

All sorts of viruses would get in the way and destroy your mobile devices to compel you to get phone insurance or by the latest phone model paid in instalments like it was a mortgage. With MVPNs, you can access these download sites and prevent bad stuff from happening to your phone.


With the cyber world growing every day, it is not surprising that there are some illicit activities that can target any user on the web. And with phones being an easy target, getting a mobile VPN adds the extra layer of security needed for these activities.

If these reasons are compelling enough for you to get an MVPN, then you need the services of the best software available. Radio IP Software offers the best mobile VPN security solutions for large organizations such as enterprises, military, utilities, transportation, government agencies, and public safety. Contact us for more information.

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