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The Importance of VPN for Your Remote Business – Our Guide

After some time running your business, you may have heard of VPN and how it can benefit your online security. The chances are that you’ve been asked to take advantage of this service to keep your online privacy and maintain anonymity. This is all the more crucial if you’re running a virtual business with remote employees working in various locations.

In this article, we’ll share with you what VPN is, how it works, and why it’s important for your remote business:

What VPN Is

A Virtual Private Network creates a private network from a public Internet connection that allows you to send and receive data via a personal device. Most importantly, it sets up a secure, encrypted connection and masks your Internet protocol (IP) address to hide your online activities. Ultimately, it gives you the utmost online security, personal data protection, and digital anonymity so that your business is protected.

How VPN Works

First, you need to get a VPN service that can connect you to a private server. The VPN works by routing your Internet connection through this private server instead of your Internet service provider (ISP). This means that when you receive or send data, it doesn’t appear to come from your device—but from your VPN instead. The VPN essentially acts as an intermediary network between your personal device and Internet connection. As a result, it conceals your IP address and protects your online identity through what is known as encryption.

Why It’s Important for Your Remote Business

A remote-access VPN enables you to establish secure Internet connections with a remote computer network. When you run a virtual business, your employees from a remote location can access this private network’s secure resources – it’s as if they are directly plugged into the network server. If you’re wondering why it’s beneficial for your remote business, take note of the following benefits:

  • Extra online security: As your remote employees from different locations access your network, you want to ensure that their online activities are not traceable. Even if they access and work on data and information using public Wi-Fi, the VPN will protect them from potential cyberattacks.
  • Data protection: As much as possible, you want your business data and information to be secured entirely so that no online perpetrators can access your network, steal your data, and use them for fraudulent activities. As such, a VPN will give you and your remote employees the utmost data protection as you operate your business.
  • Mobility: In situations when your employees need to be mobile for work, a VPN assures you that your business’ remote server is concealed and that no one will intercept the communication between your employees and your network. Even if your employees are using their mobile devices, they can continue working and won’t be tracked at all.

Here at Radio IP, we offer mobile VPN (MVPN) services that are ideal for remote businesses. We provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks to help your business thrive and succeed!


At this point, you’ve learned what VPN entails, how it essentially works, and why it’s beneficial to your remote business. To that end, be sure to consider all the valuable information discussed above and get a highly reliable VPN service. Ultimately, doing so will protect your business at all times and ensure growth and success in the long run!

Are you looking for mobile VPN solutions? We’ve got you covered! We provide the best VPN for remote workers in Quebec City, for small and big businesses, and various agencies. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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