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Remote Work 101: How to Prepare for Working at Home

Today’s technology has completely changed every facet of people’s lives. You could go back five years in the past, and everything would be entirely different from how things are now. Technological advancements have altered man’s behavior, increasing their dependency on gadgets and relying less on manual labor—the preference for solely virtual contact increasing, and the need for human interactions decreasing!

Beyond Geographical Boundaries

While remote work was already prevalent in the past few years, the unexpected events of the last year forcibly shifted the spotlight on working from home, forever altering the definition of a “workspace.”

Gone are the times when people need to travel to go to their work—you’re now only one click away from everything you need. Remote work has opened up many opportunities to thousands of people from all over the world! Today, no sea or land border can come between employees and their duties.

Setting Up Your Workspace at Home

Not everyone is fond of remote work, but many accept that working from home could be the best option for some businesses, whether big or small. If you are one of those that plan to ditch the physical office and transition into a virtual workroom, read our guide on preparing to work from home.

Learn the Rules

Know what your employer requires from you so that you’re prepared for any meeting, task, or assignment. Working from home can be discombobulating at first, so you need to get the facts straight to get everything set up and nicely organized.

You can ask your employer the following if they have not yet provided you with any details:

– “Do we have a flexible work schedule, or should I report to work at 9?”

– “What equipment will you provide to me?”

– “What tech tools will our company be using?”

– “Are there any passwords or login information I need to have?”

Build a Functional Workspace

One of the downsides of working from home is having the temptation to lie on your bed and ignore the work. Do not do your work on the bed! This can encourage you to fall asleep or feel lazy, thus affecting your work performance.

If you want to do your work efficiently as you did at the office, you must set up your own workspace. You don’t have to convert a whole room into an office—a spare table would be enough. Place your office supplies and computer like you would in an office, and commit to doing your work in that space. This helps establish a boundary at home, where this particular area is only for work-related tasks.

Dress for Work

One of the perks people consider when working from home is that you get to ditch the annoying ties and tight-fitting slacks—but dressing for work does have its advantages. You don’t have to put on the whole business attire that you usually wear; you can just put on your nice button-up polo and iron the collar a little bit.

Dressing as you would at the office helps shift your mindset from “I’m at home, working” to “I am working.” What you wear changes your attitude and behavior—if you want to be your best self while working, wear the polo!

Double-Check the Security

Just because you’re out of the office doesn’t mean you can no longer be a target of hackers. No matter where you work, you are still an employee of your company, and no matter the size of a company, hackers can still steal its data.

You must always ensure that everything you’re working with is secure and safe from any cyber-attacks. If your company has not provided you with one yet, invest in a trusted Virtual Private Networks (VPN) software. A VPN adds a security layer to your company network, allowing you to access data privately and securely. Search for the best VPN for remote workers, like that of Radio IP’s!


Working from home may sound comfortable because it has the word “home” in it, but there are many responsibilities and tasks to prepare for that you wouldn’t have to deal with in an actual office. Remember to follow these tips for a happy and productive remote work experience.

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