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Protect Your Data – Why You Should Use a VPN When Traveling

A virtual private network (VPN) is an excellent investment when it comes to online security. It’s not only essential to have on your work computer and personal laptops, but it’s also especially crucial when traveling. Utilizing a VPN while traveling will keep you safe from government surveillance, your bank locking you out of your account, and all the risks that come with connecting to public WiFi.

Many people prefer to be as connected as possible while abroad, but they don’t take the necessary step of protecting their data. There are so many threats to your cybersecurity when you travel—in fact, the simple act of logging into your home airport’s WiFi could mean you’re letting a malicious third party have access to all your personal information!

How Does A VPN Work?

If you connect to public WiFi without a VPN’s protection, sniffers with the right tools can hijack devices and steal data from hundreds of feet away. They can even install malware that will infiltrate your device and may remain undetected for a long time. This software can damage your system and provide cybercriminals with a backdoor to all your files.

A VPN creates a secure connection between your device and the websites you want to access. This way, hackers and other malicious entities will not have access to any of your data. Not even your internet service provider will have access to your browsing history or other online activities!

Why Do I Need A VPN When Traveling?

You will likely connect to at least one public WiFi network while traveling. After all, an internet connection is crucial for navigation and staying connected to friends and family back home.

A VPN will ensure that your connection keeps all your data safe. Airport WiFi, in particular, is particularly rife with many cybersecurity risks—with many people unhesitatingly connecting to it and risking access to sensitive information.

Keeping your VPN connected to your home country will also lower the risk of getting locked out of your bank account. Banks and payment channels like PayPal use IP addresses to track online transactions. There are automatic triggers to lock your account when they detect “suspicious” activity—even if it’s just you booking a hotel in a new city.

A VPN will also make online browsing much more manageable. Many websites automatically switch their language to match your location. A Google search while connected to a WiFi network in Japan will get you incomprehensible results if you only speak English.

You’ll find that not all websites and apps are freely available in other countries. Seemingly ubiquitous services like Google, Twitter, and Skype may not be available through their local internet service providers. A VPN will grant you access by routing your connection through a nearby country.

Don’t forget to install your mobile VPN on all your devices. It’s best to just keep it on 24/7, even when you’re simply at home! If your connection is slow, your VPN may not be able to connect—and if your VPN disconnects, it may not automatically reconnect. As such, always double-check if it’s on, especially if you’re doing sensitive things like entering your payment information using your phone.


Cybersecurity is essential when you’re home and especially crucial if you’re traveling to another country. A VPN will keep all your personal information safe even as you connect to unsecured WiFi and mobile connections as you travel. Even your IP address will be kept secure, giving you access to geo-blocked websites and avoiding the risk of your bank account being flagged for suspicious activity.

Are you looking for mobile VPN solutions to keep you safe as you travel? Radio IP Software has been delivering innovative mobile VPN (MVPN) and mobile security solutions to all customers since 1998. We provide secure, real-time access for small and large businesses, as well as government, military, transportation, and public safety agencies. Get in touch with us today!

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