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3 Reasons Why People Need to Invest in a Quality VPN

The accessibility of mobile data provides numerous benefits to both consumers and brands. Since tablets and smartphones have greater capacity in processing apps and work-related software, accessing information and files over the net has much greater flexibility. However, this technological advancement can lead to potential risks that come with this form of innovation.

The Growing Need for Virtual Private Network (VPN) Providers

There’s a reason why VPN providers are popping up one after another. This is because consumers are now more vigilant about how brands and services can access their digital data without their permission. Developments on data privacy law are still in its early stages and cannot keep up with the ever-growing technologies present. The extent that organizations can legally and illegally procure consumer data on any public network is alarming, with these data used for market studies without consumers ever knowing about it. It’s a process that can detect your activity in eCommerce websites, social media platforms, and even search engine queries. For this reason, encrypting your traffic through a VPN is necessary to hide your digital footprint.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should invest in a quality VPN provider.

1) The Risk of Accessing Public WiFi

It’s not uncommon for most modern businesses to offer WiFi services for paying customers. It allows customers to browse the net, watch videos, and leave reviews on the establishment they’re in. However, some public networks can be less than secure, even for municipal networks.

Since these connections have relatively weak security, there’s no telling who can spy on your interactions and files while you’re connected. This is an even more significant concern for employees and business owners who work outside their homes. By having a VPN installed on your phone and other mobile devices, you mitigate the risk of giving access to your sensitive data.

2) The Lax Security of Homes Away from Home

Going on a vacation to a resort, hotel, or Airbnb establishment should be a relaxing experience for you. Sometimes people prefer to keep off the grid, enjoying the time they have by themselves. Others prefer to use these places to get some peace while working on important business tasks. This is why complimentary WiFi access is a necessary offer for these businesses. Unfortunately, you’re unaware of the potential weaknesses of the network you’re using. When connecting to an unsecured network, the best course of action is to have a VPN to keep your browsing data encrypted for your safety and security.

3) The Danger of Having an Unencrypted Digital Footprint

Although it’s more common to experience data infiltration from outside your home, your own ISP connection isn’t safe from data threats. While you can reinforce your desktop or laptop with firewalls for virus detection, that doesn’t mean your online activity is invisible to cybercriminals. The personal internet activity through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). These services can be infiltrated by malicious individuals, collecting your online footprints to create a detailed profile of your browsing behavior. With a VPN, you mitigate the risk of letting people use your browsing data without your permission.


How your data can be compromised from the scenarios above reveals how vulnerable mobile network connectivity really is. Unfortunately, these weaknesses aren’t the main focus of software developers and tech manufacturers. Better features and stronger hardware are usually what generate greater sales figures, not an emphasis on data protection. This is why investing in a quality VPN is vital for people to safeguard their online footprint, whether for personal or business use.

Protecting your data while on-the-go when your data is at its most vulnerable is a priority in today’s fast-paced world. At Radio IP Software, we deliver innovative mobile virtual private network solutions to secure your devices and apps in real-time. Contact us to learn more about our subscription packages and mobile security offers.

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