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Radio IP Software delivers innovative mobile virtual private network (MVPN) solutions that provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks.


Invest in VPN Services for Mobile Workers

With more individuals working remotely, more sensitive information is being shared on wireless networks. This is a security risk that must be addressed to keep data as secure as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of reliable cybersecurity solutions for mobile workers. However, many agencies have trouble choosing the ideal solution.

That’s where Radio IP comes in with its 4th generation of MVPN (Mobile Virtual Private Network) solutions: Armada.

Argument 1. Data Security

A major risk of handling data remotely comes in the form of hackers, who can intercept sensitive data. This type of attack is known as MitM or man-in-the-middle.

Getting hacked is a major risk for any organization. Unfortunately, with wireless networks, more avenues are open for hackers to carry out dirty deeds. This is a massive security threat for agencies that do not properly account for the IT security side of things. With Armada, Radio IP creates a 2-way virtual tunnel between your network’s Gateway (server) and its client(s) (device or devices). This ensures secured and optimized data traffic across the network.

Argument 2. Session Persistence

Using Armada not only enforces security policies across the network, it also ensures that every device remains connected to any mission critical applications at all times.  This “session persistence” ensures that network communication channels remain open for additional connectivity requests, instead of simply closing and re-opening after every exchange. This circumvents the need for users to reconnect themselves every time they lose connection to the network.

In other words, this constant network connection prevents any application from crashing when connectivity is lost for any reason (i.e. blind spots). This allows users to access multiple applications quickly and efficiently without any worry of losing any data or being booted out of their session.

Argument 3. Optimal Traffic

Afraid that your mobile network might suffer technical difficulties and lose connectivity due to an overload of required simultaneous tasks? With Armada, that can be prevented by having multiple servers working together, giving your network the power to perform proper scalability requirements to accomplish each task and balance its load between different servers. If one shuts down, the other ones take over seamlessly thanks to redundancy capabilities, granting your own private network the ability to duplicate your system components, without any input necessary from the network’s users!

This grants multiple users the ability to keep using different mission critical applications at the same time, making them much more efficient and productive while accomplishing their various critical tasks. On top of that, Armada’s Group Policies Management and Split-Tunnelling capabilities allows for secure connectivity, steering each user to mission-critical applications in a cost-effective way, based on each of their specific needs within their group.


All in all, using Armada increases security for remote and mobile workers. It provide sleek and easy access to network and application performance, and adds multiple layers of protection to end users across an entire organization’s fleet!

With its 25 years of Top of The Line cybersecurity services, Radio IP provides innovative mobile security solutions that will guaranty a secure connection from anywhere, at any time! Reach out to us today at Contact us | Radio IP ( to learn more.

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