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3 Reasons to Invest in VPN Services for Remote Workers

With more individuals working from their homes, more sensitive information is being shared online. This is a security risk you must address to keep data as secure as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy-to-use and affordable solutions, such as a VPN. However, many business owners are not too aware of such security implementations and may dismiss it as a simple waste of time and money.

Are you considering a VPN to protect your business? Here are some reasons that might convince you or your manager:

Argument 1. It Reduces the Risk of Having Data Stolen

A major risk of handling data remotely, especially if the employee is using a public and unsecured network, is that hackers can hijack the connection by intercepting it and stealing data. This type of attack is known as MitM or man-in-the-middle.

For example, suppose an employee works on a compromised network and uses their credentials to access their bank account. A hacker can easily intercept that information and possibly log into the employee’s bank details. They may also do this with sensitive company information. Unfortunately, this attack will not be detected right away, and the consequences can follow days, months, weeks, or even years later.

With a VPN, the connection becomes much tougher to hijack and intercept, keeping whatever data is being streamed safe and sound.

Argument 2. a VPN Can Control the Entire Employee Base

Whether dealing with a large or small employee base, it can be challenging for IT administrators to keep track of each individual. Everything from what they’re doing online, what network they’re using, and more—these are all factors that can make the prevention of cyberattacks more difficult.

When using a VPN, controlling the employees becomes a lot easier. The IT department will not have to worry about telling the workers what network to connect to or how to use the internet. A VPN can automatically set itself up to create a secure connection whenever the employee connects to any network. They are also quite easy to use. This way, even if the IT admin is not there to monitor activities, the VPN can keep the employee’s activities safe and secure.

Argument 3. the Chances of Getting Hacked Are Reduced Significantly

Getting hacked is something no company ever wants to face. It is expensive, and it can ruin the company’s reputation. Unfortunately, with employees working remotely, more avenues are open for hackers to carry out dirty deeds. This is a massive security risk for businesses that do not properly account for the IT security side of things, leaving their digital doors exposed to unwanted visitors.

With a VPN, you can mitigate this risk. A secure network connection is like a locked door, where only those with the key can enter. When employees access the business network using a VPN service, they effectively set up locked doors behind them, blocking any hackers from accessing the network.


All in all, using a VPN can massively increase the security of remote working. It establishes a secure network that protects whatever is being streamed in the connection from unwanted access, keeping data safe and sound for the employees to work with.

That being said, understand that not just any VPN will do. It is best to use a VPN service packed with security features to keep the employees and your business safe. As such, take the time to research the various VPN services you may be interested in and pick one that you trust to protect your data.

We at Radio IP are experts in innovative Mobile Virtual Private Networks and mobile security solutions for small and large businesses. If you are looking for the best VPN for remote workers, reach out to us today!

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