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4 Reasons Every Business Needs to Make VPN a Priority

A customer clicks the checkout button, and that data is transmitted to your company’s servers. This daily action, something so seemingly innocent, is the cause of millions of cases of credit card fraud every year. Aside from fraud, chances are, if you store data in the cloud, then your business is wide open to attacks or data leaks. Why is this the case, and what can you do to prevent it?

Internet traffic is mostly unencrypted, aside from the upcoming trend of using SSL certificates, but that’s a separate topic entirely. When your information is sent over unencrypted channels, that means the data itself can be sniffed or grabbed by anyone with the right tools (which are not hard to come by). A VPN however, gives your data a “tunnel” of sorts to travel through. This “tunnel” doesn’t allow anyone else to see what the traffic or data is unless they are directly on the other side. So, let’s say you’re shopping online on Amazon. Without a VPN, anyone within range can see all of your traffic, including your credit card data when it’s sent to pay for something. A VPN, however, allows that data to pass through the encrypted “tunnel,” and only Amazon can receive and read that data securely. With that in mind, here are some of the top reasons to use a VPN to maintain business continuity.

1) Privacy

It’s no secret that everyone and their grandma is trying to snoop on your internet traffic these days. From a government-run a muck (NSA) to local police stations using stingrays (devices used to intercept your traffic) and even companies who buy and sell your data, everyone is trying to snoop on what you’re doing online. VPN’s, however, change that. Since your traffic becomes encrypted, that means only you and the receiving end really know what’s going on. Even then, the receiving end cannot determine your location since a VPN allows your computer to tunnel through servers all around the world, thus making your traffic appear to originate from anywhere and everywhere.

2) Security

The same tunnel idea also means more security for your traffic. Not only can people not snoop on your traffic, but all data is encrypted and, therefore, useless even if someone could obtain it. Leading VPN clients to offer AES256 bit encryption, which would take thousands of years for even the most advanced supercomputers to crack (and that’s one file at a time). This means more allowance for remote work if your employees need to deal with sensitive information such as IP or secret data.

3) Direct Access

VPN software can also be very useful tools for those wishing for secure and direct access to a remote server. Let’s say you work for an engineering company and design parts for government projects. That information is likely secret and not available for public consumption, let alone other countries seeing the data. A VPN allows every worker, regardless of location, to “tunnel” through and gain secure access to the system. All data transmitted is encrypted, and the session is secure.

4) Geo-Independence

Finally, VPN’s offer more freedom and removal of censorship because they can spoof your location. It’s actually more than just a spoof, to others, it will appear your internet traffic is genuinely coming from only the server you are connected to. This is how millions of people worldwide avoid censorship but connect to VPNs, which spoof their location and allow for access to content. Some of the most reputable VPN providers also take this a step further by offering shared IP’s, which means the VPN provider couldn’t even tell if you connected to the server or not. Furthermore, only the best VPN providers do not keep a log of any sort. This means no matter what you connect to, there’s no trace of your traffic.

With all of this in mind, RadioIP offers the perfect business VPN solution which is easy to set up with minimum equipment required. Contact us for a free quote to get started with a more secure, private, and censorship-free work experience. Given the current COVID-19 crisis, VPNs like RadioIP can give your employees the ability to work from home without compromising your business’s safety, privacy, and proprietary information.


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