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5 Tips for Keeping Your Android Device Safe During Holidays

Android is one of the most common mobile device operating systems worldwide. Unfortunately, this is the reason why most cybercriminals are trying to hack this type of operating system and one-up security developers, especially during the holidays.

Using Android devices such as smartphones or tablets for your business has lots of benefits, but you might be at risk of security problems in the long run. To keep your company safe and secure, here are some tips to remember during the season:

– Activate the “Find My Device” Feature on Your Mobile Device

Google offers a system setup that lets you find your lost or misplaced devices more easily. To activate this feature, open your Settings app, locate the option for Google, and select Security and Find My Device. The setting should be toggled on at all times.

In addition, turn on your Location settings so you can locate your phone in case you misplace it. Accessing your Find My Device tool in your web browser lets you ring your device or find your phone.

– Use Android’s App-Scanning System

Take advantage of a security app that scans your applications for any suspicious activity offered by Google. This is a built-in security feature in the Android operating system. 

Set this app-scanning system by going to Settings, navigating to Security and Location, find the option for Google Play Protect, and enable the option for Scan device for security threats. Doing this sets up an automatic scanning system that can run in the background and make sure your device is safe from security threats at all times. 

– Be Careful When Downloading Apps

Be wary when downloading any app for use on your Android device and consider the origin of the app, even if it’s from Google Play Store. Check the app’s permissions before downloading it to ensure that you are not being tricked into giving full access to your data.

On the other hand, consider seeking mobile VPN solutions and using a mobile private network to have peace of mind. This provides you with a secure, reliable network and application process with advanced authentication and encryption. It upgrades your networks and provides you with uninterrupted mobile roaming.

– Update Your List of Connected Devices Regularly

All devices are added to a trusted list every time you log into your Google account with a new one. Make sure to check which devices can access your account and update and change this list regularly to ensure that your account is accessed only by approved devices. Remove the device and change your password as soon as you can if you see an unfamiliar device in the list.

– Organize Your Devices in Google Play

You are given a list of devices connected to your Google account every time you purchase in the Play Store. This is the same list used to find your device in case you lose or misplace it. Organize the devices in Google Play by assigning names to your devices and removing those you no longer use.


The Android operating system provides your business with enough security, but you can always boost your mobile device’s quality of security for your safety and peace of mind. Following the tips listed in this guide and investing in a reliable mobile VPN like ours can help you keep your business and device secure throughout the holiday season. 

Protect your business by taking advantage of our innovative mobile virtual private network and secure VPN solutions. Contact us to get a quote!


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