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3 Things a Cloud VPN Has to Offer to Remote Offices

The usual office setup is on a single building floor where everyone can see each other and pass on information in person. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to change the way operations worked and adapt to the digital space.

Although remote working wasn’t an entirely new concept, so many people were introduced to this type of work setup at once. There have been a lot of advantages and disadvantages as adjustments were being made. And as with any new adjustments, there are new things to troubleshoot.

Businesses often have to handle a lot of data and exchange information when working remotely. The convenience this provides is immaculate, but it can be concerning when you see reports of cybersecurity breaches to even the most known corporations who you think would have the utmost protection in store.

VPN, or a virtual private network, can often eliminate those worries. A cloud VPN specifically designed for a company’s cloud usage doesn’t just remove those worries but also helps improve operational efficiency overall. Here are the three core benefits of a remote office using a cloud VPN:

Better Security

Because you have remote workers on board, they’re likely using different Wi-Fi networks to access the internet and get their work done. Unfortunately, aside from your employees, internet providers can also have eyes on the data being viewed and sent to different people. It can be hard to trace who’s leaked who, as it’s unrealistic every person’s IP.

This can be a little spooky, but a cloud VPN can be a lifesaver in this scenario. Cloud VPNs help mask and secure every team members’ internet connection. As long as it’s switched on on the device being used, any information they need to send and data that are being delivered to them is securely encrypted.

Control Over Who Can Access

A lack of access control can also compromise the data your business has, as anyone can be authorized to check the data and programs your company has in place. To protect the information of your clients and employees, start improving your access control by using a cloud VPN.

So how does it work? Connecting to a cloud VPN server will help convert your employees’ regular IP addresses to a particular company IP address. This new address will help authenticate your workers and make it more convenient for them to access work programs while keeping hackers with foreign IP addresses away.

Limitless Use Of Online Resources

A cloud VPN can also offer your remote office with an edge in terms of the online resources you can access. If you need to access foreign information that’s only open to a specific location that’s hundreds of miles away, you don’t really need to pack your bags and travel.

With a few simple clicks, you can access a virtual server in your desired location. You get to trick your browser and access specific data and programs that wouldn’t be available to you or other competitors otherwise.


In summary, a cloud VPN improves your security as it controls who can see and access the data while allowing employees to view more information than ever. Small businesses and large enterprises can benefit from equipping their employees with this layer of protection.

Radio IP can provide the best VPN for remote workers, as its software offers the most high-quality mobile security solutions to any institution or corporation. Contact us for more details!

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