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Choosing the Best VPN for Your Business: What to Consider?

A virtual private network (VPN) has been very helpful for businesses nowadays. It allows you to access the sites you need without worrying about security issues, even if you’re utilizing a public internet connection. VPN encrypts the data and transmits them via a virtual tunnel, safeguarding them from malware and unsecured ads until redirected to a specific destination. Now that everything is going virtual, VPN serves as an essential security tool for every online business.

However, not all VPNs are created equal. Some of them offer more security features than others. To better understand how VPN works and how it can be beneficial for the business, you should consider the following factors:


Another critical factor when choosing the best VPN is speed. It has to be fast, especially if the business is engaged in computing tasks, animation, video processing, image enhancement, and huge data analysis. To ensure that you will have a fast service speed, you need to check the location’s servers. The closer the servers are to your place, the faster your data will travel from the source to its destination.


Check the VPN’s service privacy policy. You must understand how they handle your data. They need to delete the data once the session is done so that information will not be stored on the server.

Network Size

A VPN with large network servers is preferable. This is because when one of the server’s connections is slow, the network size will allow you to connect to another server that’s closer to where you are located. The transfer of data will be faster because they will no longer need to travel long distances. When a VPN has a larger server network, the more locations it can provide to its users. This feature is ideal if your business has various workers in different parts of the world.

Security Features

Some features of a VPN differ from one service to another. These features include:

  • DNS Leak Protection – protects the domain name system for leaks that may be due to its visibility on your internet service provider
  • Kill Switch – the feature that automatically protects the user from exposure to unprotected traffic when you get disconnected from the VPN
  • Split-Tunneling – this feature allows you to route your apps using VPN while others are still connected to the internet

It is also imperative to know that government surveillance and privacy laws may vary from one place to another.

Money-Back Guarantee

VPN providers should offer a money-back guarantee. There are times when you will notice that the VPN you signed up for is not compatible with the type of business you have. You can cancel anytime and will not need to pay twice to find another VPN service.

Covered Devices

Internet users are now using other devices aside from their desktop computers and laptops. Make sure to maximize the features of your VPN when using your smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Should You Pay for a VPN?

Definitely! Yes, your free VPN can be a great start. However, to make the most of its capabilities and features, you need to take advantage of the paid service. Free VPNs commonly use a bit discreet software or hardware, making it slower and less secure.


When choosing VPN services, make sure to consider factors like covered devices, logs, speed, and network size. It is also recommended to choose a paid VPN service to ensure better security and more optimal performance. It is indeed one of the excellent investments an online business should have.

If you’re looking for the best VPN for small businesses, make sure to contact Radio IP Software. We are dedicated to providing innovative mobile VPN to small and large enterprises. Contact us today for more details!

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