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Data Security: 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Enterprise VPN

Online users worldwide are becoming more conscious about their online footprints. Because of this, data privacy laws are becoming stricter to accommodate the public’s needs. However, it’s not just the everyday consumer that worries about secure online browsing needs. Businesses also need to reinforce their internet traffic encryption to protect their assets.

The Need for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Business owners must be more cautious in today’s time. Since the market is leaning toward digital transformation, all business processes, from logistics tracking to invoicing, must be adaptable to digital platforms. Companies unwilling to make this shift will fall behind their more modern competitors.

Getting a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a valuable addition to a company’s business model. Besides providing internet traffic encryption, it also allows remote employee access and safe access to public networks. This reduces the risk of cyber-attacks that can compromise your business’s operations. Although it’s standard practice to build an-inhouse VPN, modern times are changing this standard requirement. It’s generally more beneficial to secure outsourced VPN because of the variability and flexibility it offers.

In this article, we’ll share three benefits of outsourcing your enterprise VPN.

1) Remote Setup

It’s important to understand the value of remote setups, especially with the world’s attempt to quell the COVID-19 pandemic. Since face-to-face interactions were a health risk, many companies had to shift their workplace setups to remote processes. Although many companies are returning to traditional work setups, many businesses realize the value of maintaining remote access within their company.

When you outsource your VPN, you don’t have to commit plenty of resources to set up an on-site location with set hardware. Instead, you can get all the help you need without the long installation and testing for your business’s needs. It’s an excellent choice for entrepreneurship just starting out and even more so for long-standing companies that want to reduce their overhead costs.

2) Effective Maintenance

Another drawback of In-house VPN is its need for round-the-clock maintenance from IT specialists. Since you own the hardware you need to run your VPN, you must also ensure its security against storage concerns and frequent software adjustments.

In contrast, outsourcing your VPN allows you to receive immediate updates and bug fixes from a dedicated team of IT experts from your VPN provider. This makes it easier for you to run your operations. It allows you to operate without worrying about the overhead costs of having on-site hardware like having an in-house team of IT specialists and addressing potential damage to its physical complements.

3) Flexible Scalability

VPN providers give their customers a range of options to cater to their needs. They can offer more user access or additional servers when scaling your business. It’s an efficient method of focusing on your company’s growth without worrying about the risks of expanding your operation.

Outsourced enterprise VPN services are considerably cheaper than upgrading your hardware, renovating your office, and adding more staff to maintain your equipment. This is why finding the right VPN provider will be a hassle-free experience for startups looking to grow exponentially.


Outsourcing a VPN service is typically a good fit for small to medium-sized businesses, especially for those with remote work setups. Since your security options come from an online-based source, you don’t have to concern yourself with on-site arrangements and maintenance duties. It’s an excellent choice for businesses eyeing expansion and scalability without the limits of physical spaces.

Finding the ideal VPN provider for your company’s needs will lessen the load of maintaining your data security. At Radio IP Software, we provide innovative and secure VPN solutions for your business operations. Subscribe with us today, and discover the many ways we can secure your business.

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