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Radio IP Software delivers innovative mobile virtual private network (MVPN) solutions that provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks.



A short while ago, cybersecurity researcher Jeremiah Fowler reported that the free VPN service SuperVPN suffered a major data breach. This event compromised the data records of over 360 million users. Learn more about it here: Free VPN Data Breach Exposed 360 Million Records Online. Why Using the Right VPN Matters! (

These types of incidents directly impact too many lives! That is why we think it is necessary to remind everyone that when picking a VPN service, it is important to chose a highly effective and reliable solution. That is where Radio IP, with its 25 years of public safety cybersecurity experience, comes in with its state-of-the-art FIPS 140-2 validated software-based solutions in order to bring innovation to cybersecurity!

Did you know that unlike many free VPN service providers, Radio IP’s VPN solutions are designed to create a 2-way connection between your network’s Gateway (servers) and Client (devices)? This establishes a protected channel to keep your secured data safe from the prying eyes while also enforcing your own security policies.

In addition to being more secure, our solutions also provide faster network connection than most free VPN providers by having multiple servers working simultaneously. This not only reduces lag but also gives your network the power to balance the traffic load between different servers, allowing your organization to properly accomplish its tasks in record time!

This high network availability also ensures that every device remains connected to any mission critical applications through seamless and transparent roaming, allowing “Session Persistence”. Save time and raise productivity by circumventing the need for users to reauthenticate themselves every time they lose connection to the network or close the application.

As a strong leader, you understand that protecting your network data is important, but what if you could use that data to your advantage? By seamlessly connecting itself to Armada and Mult-IP’s reporting engine, Radio-IP’s Synopsis provides an easy real-time access to your network usage as well as application performance for each device from anywhere, at any time. Instead of blindly entrusting your data to a formless provider, know where your data is and where it is going!

Is your data truly secure? You wish to learn more about our VPN solution? Contact our team of experts at to help you develop your own tailor-made cybersecurity program!

With 25 years of experience from providing data security to public safety agencies around the world, don’t wait up and start entrusting your company to our top-of-the-line services!

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