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3 Tips to Stay Safe When Connected to Public Wi-Fi

Connecting to your Wi-Fi at home lets you watch the latest movies, complete your work, or do anything else on the internet without worry. However, when you are out and are forced to connect to public Wi-Fi, you might be second-guessing whether it is safe.

Public Wi-Fi networks are known to be unsafe and are a hotspot for cybercriminals to search for unknowing victims. These crooks look for unsecured connections to gain entry to users’ devices and steal their data. If you are forced to connect to public Wi-Fi, here is how you can keep yourself safe from these threats!

1) Connect to a Network That You Know

In many cases, you should only connect to networks you are familiar with. For example, if you often go to a coffee shop and connect to their Wi-Fi, continue using theirs over anyone else’s. That is because you are already paying for their products or services, and they likely have secured their network.

Following the same logic, you should also avoid free Wi-Fi networks. You never know who else is on the network with you and whether they might be after your network. You also do not know what the Wi-Fi provider might do with your data.

2) Avoid Signing Up for Public Wi-Fi

Do not provide too much information online when connected to public Wi-Fi. For example, if you are signing up for a connection, and it is asking for your email address, try to avoid doing so. Switch to mobile data if you can. If you need to sign up, use an email address besides your primary one.

This is important because there is a possibility that someone might find whatever you share online and use it for various purposes. For example, they might take that email address and use it to send you spam mail and phishing scams, which can be a nuisance. Plus, not giving out your primary email means that you can delete the email without too many issues if any trouble happens.

3) Utilize a VPN

If you have to connect to public Wi-Fi often, it is smart to use a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network, and while there are various VPNs out there, all of them do the same thing: secure your connection.

For example, VPNs will mask your real IP address with another IP address, meaning that you will not be trackable. You can also fake your location, meaning your digital footprint can lead to another continent even if you are sitting at a coffee shop.

One of the best things about a VPN is that your connection is encrypted. This means that even if anyone gets their hands on your data, it will be nothing more than a jumbled mess that is next to impossible to decrypt.


No network connection is entirely secure, even your home network, so it always pays to be careful no matter which network you’re connected to. With that in mind, when you are out in public spaces, try to utilize as many of the tips above as you can. That way, you can secure your data even further, ensuring that no matter which connection you are using, your information and surfing habits are kept private and safe!

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