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3 Mobile VPN Tips for Non-Techno-Savvy Business Owners

Many users connect to the Internet with their mobile phones because it’s meant to be more convenient than using a computer. Even business owners like you can quickly tend to your customers’ needs with just a few taps on your phone.

However, you may not be as secure as you thought since your mobile phone is also susceptible to malware and ad trackers (more commonly known as cookies). Fortunately, there are mobile VPN solutions that you can use. And we are here to help!

This article is meant for your convenience, as a business owner, to gain relevant information about mobile VPNs and online business activity through three easy tips. Take this as an opportunity to find more convenient means to run your business operations effectively and protect your business data online.

– Never Trust Free Mobile VPN Providers

You may see free mobile VPN providers being advertised to you on the Internet, which may seem like an enticing deal because you won’t have to spend money. However, you should not rely on these kinds of VPNs because they do not protect your mobile phone as comprehensively as other VPNs. They are loaded with annoying mobile advertisements that are often unblockable.

Free mobile VPN providers are also notoriously unreliable because they significantly reduce browsing speeds and sell your consumer data to companies. You also need to log in personal information to get access to VPN services, which are a security risk.

As such, prioritize investing in legitimate mobile VPNs for business use because they are reliable and cost-effective. It enables you and your employees to download a strong VPN that will secure all data sent and received by your business. That way, you can stay safe online and reach out to your online customers.

– Know the Mobile VPN Facts and Avoid Conspiracies

You may be hesitant to get a VPN and be opposed to using your mobile device altogether because of the conspiracies you have heard. For example, you may have read somewhere that VPNs are illegal worldwide because you can access websites that are not accessible to your country. However, this kind of misleading information needs further clarification.

The truth is you can access websites from other countries that aren’t accessible to your country’s online server. However, it’s not true that it’s not legal around the world. Only the following countries either ban or restrict access through mobile VPNs: North Korea, Belarus, Iraq, China. Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

The point is you should know the facts about the use of mobile VPNs to ensure that you are using it properly and avoid online scams. You should consult with trusted VPN providers known in their industry and have equipped many businesses with mobile security solutions.

– Take All the Time You Need to Learn How to Use Your Mobile Phone

You will have to learn how to use your mobile VPN properly and know what each function does for your business operations. However, you may be confused by the process. You may also not be able to answer questions from your employees. But don’t worry; you can ask for technical support to guide you through your mobile VPN’s use in your business operations.


Yes, it can be challenging to learn how to use your mobile phone for your business. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of mobile VPNs. You just need to spend time and invest your resources to gain secure access online. Consider mobile VPNs for your business use today!

Are you looking for the best mobile VPNs for business use? Radio IP can provide you with that. We can also help you understand how to use VPNs to better your business operations. Invest in mobile-friendly services to ensure you and your employees’ safety and welfare online.

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