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How VPNs Are Securing Firefighters Communication

The importance of mobility

First responders, such as firefighters, are meant to be mobile. The nature of their work requires moving to different locations while switching between various networks as they go about their day. Due to this important fact, firefighters require security solutions to maintain their connectivity and applications persistence without having to re-authenticate applications, devices or the cloud multiple times a day.

Repetitive logon to apps or cloud cost precious time that firefighters and first responders don’t have. By having a strong Mobile VPN, mobile users can maintain session persistence and users authenticated when traveling; even if the signal drops for a period of time. In some of the rugged terrain firefighter’s deal with, it can be straightforward for signals to drop, which compromises their security and safety.

Ensure a secure work environment

Agencies with high volume of connected devices rely on Mobile Device Management to ensure stolen or lost devices can be located, locked, or wiped quickly. As these practices become more sophisticated, some agencies are even using Enterprise Mobility Management tools, which provide IT administrators a high level of control over their devices. For example, by placing tablets, laptops, or smartphones into the supervised mode, administrators can lock them into a configuration that is tailored to their usage policies and their precise needs.

EMMs and virtual private networks (VPNs) allow for these powerful controls, which would enable IT to restrict application uses to specific networks or times and control which databases and websites each devices can access. Similar EMMs make it a possibility to initiate over-the-air software patches and update devices without any user intervention. With a multipronged approach, device security is even more critical.

Since public safety organizations, such as firefighters, manage proprietary and vital information, data protection is critical. If this kind of information gets into the wrong hands, it can result in a dangerous situation. By using a product such as a Mobile VPN, devices are forced to register via a an encrypted link.

Choose the proper VPN solution

First responders need to know their devices are ready to work, no matter the situation. By ensuring data is safe and optimized, the right VPN can give first responders access to the most reliable and best connection to do their job.

Taking all that into account, consider Radio IP’s line of various mobile VPN solutions. Our Armada solution ensures constant connectivity, proper transmission and data processing. These can be applied to mission-critical applications and interconnections, via secure communications channels. Coupled with our Synopsis application, Radio IP also allows firefighters and other public safety agencies to monitor all location services and network performances to make sure first responders are secured and the connectivity they rely upon performs as required.

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